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Opening the Market of Small-Scale Farmers in South Africa to Israeli Innovative Companies    


Have you developed a product that can change the lives of millions of small-scale farmers around the world?

Are you interested in low- and middle-income countries and want to learn where and how to get started?

Are you already operating in low- and middle-income countries and want to expand your network?

This is your opportunity to

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Learn about the unique market
of small-scale farmers in South Africa

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Adapt your business model
to the market needs

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Apply for a grant to field test your innovative technology ($25K)

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Partner with South African strategic counterparts and develop joint ventures

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Receive fundraising consultation

Call For Applications

from Israeli ag-tech companies with innovative solutions in the fields of:

Urban Agriculture  Vegetables production



Honey production


Agriculture (CSA)


guy planting a garden
  • Soilless/ vertical agriculture

  • Food gardens

  • Smart gardening

  • Circular economy/ reuse/ recycling

  • Energy in agriculture

Bee hive
  • Smart Hive Management

  • Bee Health

  • Urban Bee Keeping

  • Varroa Treatment

woman gradening

   Focusing on:

  • Irrigation

  • Precision agriculture

  • Water for agriculture

  • Weather forecast

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Apply by July 26th and save your spot in this unique program!

For more information:

Finding ways to improve food security, alleviate extreme poverty and assist small-scale farmers in developing countries are major challenges facing the international community. 

These farmers primarily use traditional agriculture practices and fail to maximize yield potential, thus being pushed to the margins of the formal economy.
It is estimated that 1.5 billion people worldwide make a living from small farm operations, which produce about 80% of all food consumed in the developing world.

Agriculture is the backbone of the South African economy and plays a key role in the lives and livelihoods of around 2 million small-scale farmers. South Africa is the leading supplier of products, services, and expertise across Southern African countries, with neighboring countries such as Lesotho and Namibia importing 80%-85% of goods including most agricultural inputs.

Bee hives
kids planting

While there is potential for innovation among small-scale farmers in South Africa, the use of technologies is limited due to economic viability, infrastructure, lack of knowledge and regulatory issues.

In the coming months, we plan to hold in Israel the Innovation Journey (IJ) capacity building and matchmaking program.

The 2022 IJ provides Israeli tech startups and young companies with knowledge and tools for operating with small-scale farmers in South Africa through sustainable business models. During the program, participants will have the opportunity to partner with strategic stakeholders from South Africa to develop joint ventures.

We invite ag-tech companies from relevant fields to take part in the IJ and explore the opportunities of the South African market!

The IJ is led and implemented by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry and in content and professional partnership with Pears Program for Global Innovation.

The model

The IJ program is designed to facilitate mutual exposure and exploration of joint ventures based on a thorough understanding of the needs and the reality on the ground.

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Market Deep Dive 

Through comprehensive training and adaptation sessions, participating companies learn about the unique market of small-scale farmers in South Africa and analyze their gaps and business models to adapt it to the market needs, in order to submit realistic partnership proposals to counterparts.

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Partnership Development 

Participants submit partnership proposals to the South African counterparts based on the knowledge acquired during the Market Deep Dive stage. Proposals that are chosen by the counterparts as interesting for deeper exploration, receive additional support to foster the partnerships.

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Networking Building 

Matchmaking between participants and South African counterparts.

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Funding support to boost the partnerships

  • Participants will receive fundraising consultation about how to acquire additional funding for the joint projects. 

  • Grant awarded: two selected finalists that have a signed partnership agreement will receive $25,000 each to fund a pilot project in South Africa.

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Boots on the ground

Joint ventures that proceed further to projects deployment and implementation will be supported by IJ team when necessary.

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Throughout the program, the companies will participate in facilitated discussions and receive access to expertise and mentorship.

  • המטרה
    בניית שותפויות בין ספקי פתרונות חדשניים ישראליים לבין בעלי עניין רלוונטיים בדרום אפריקה העוסקים בחקלאות מבוססת משקים קטנים.
  • הקריטריונים להשתתפות
    חברות רשומות בישראל עם מוצר קיים והוכחת היתכנות (Proof of Concept) עניין במתן מענה לצורכי חקלאים קטנים
  • תוכנית ולוח זמנים
    תאריך אחרון להגשת מועמדות: 26 ביולי 2022 ראיונות: 25 ביולי עד 7 באוגוסט 2022 הכרזת הפיינליסטים: 11 באוגוסט 2022 :Boot camp מפגשי אונליין ופנים מול פנים יתפרסו לאורך 25 שעות במהלך ספטמבר 2022 הכשרה: צלילה עמוקה לשוק, הפעילויות העסקיות הייחודיות והתנאים הכלכליים בדרום אפריקה, וכן אסטרטגיות ותובנות על כיצד לעבוד ביעילות עם עמיתים דרום אפריקאים. אדפטציה: סדנאות בנושא התאמת המוצר לשוק וניתוח פערים, הצעת ערך, אסטרטגיה שיווקית והתאמת המודל העסקי. חיבור לשותפים: מפגשי אונליין לנטוורקינג ו-B2B עם עמיתים פוטנציאליים מדרום אפריקה. פיתוח שותפות: אוקטובר - נובמבר 2022 המשתתפים מגישים הצעה המבוססת על תבנית מוגדרת מראש. העמיתים בוחנים את ההצעות ומחליטים האם להמשיך לשלב התכנון. תכנון הפרויקטים: נובמבר 2022 – ינואר 2023 דיונים מעמיקים בין הצדדים לגבי תכנון המיזמים המשותפים וקבלת ייעוץ לגיוס כספים הגשת מועמדות למענק: ינואר 2023 פריסת הפרויקטים: פברואר 2023 – פברואר 2024 מהטמעה לפעילות מסחרית: פברואר 2024 ואילך
  • דרישות מהמשתתפים
    השתתפות בכל המפגשים והפעילויות של התוכנית, והגשת תוצרים בזמן בין ספטמבר 2022 לינואר 2023. הקצאת איש/אשת קשר רלוונטיים בעלי יכולת למלא את הדרישות ולקחת חלק בפעילויות התוכנית במהלך כל התקופה שיתוף פעולה פעיל בקידום שותפויות לרבות בפנייה למקורות מימון דמי השתתפות: 360 ₪

Organizing Partners

Ministry of economy and industry Logo

The Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry 

Promotes trade between Israel and countries around the world. It supports Israeli companies in their business operation to provide solutions to the challenges of low- and middle-income countries. The strategic partnership with the Israel Economic Ministry’s Foreign Trade Administration and JDC is actively seeking to deepen Israel’s impact on the “base of the pyramid” in Africa.

The Joint Logo

JDC (the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee)

The world's leading Jewish humanitarian organization. With over decades of experience in low- and middle-income countries in various development programs, the JDC took the initiative to harness Israeli innovation and expertise to improve the well-being of small-scale farmers living in low- and middle-income countries.

Pears program Logo

The Pears Program
Global Innovation

A not-for-profit and nongovernmental organization whose mandate is to increase Israel’s contribution to international development and humanitarian aid through technology-based innovation and financially sustainable solutions. By building bridges to the needs, opportunities, and people of the developing world, the Pears Program hopes to enable Israeli entrepreneurs and innovations to play a larger role in addressing the most pressing challenges of our time: ensuring water, food, clean energy, education and healthcare for all.


Only one senior representative from each company may apply.

Places are limited.

* Training program will take place over 25 hours in September 2022.

For more information:

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