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Innovation Journey 4 Ethiopia

*The survey takes around 10 minutes to fill.


The Innovation Journey program is an opportunity for cutting edge Israeli ag-tech companies and Ethiopian agriculture ecosystem stakeholders to engage with one another and explore partnerships for piloting innovative technologies. The overall goal is to bring value to Ethiopia’s agriculture market and small/medium-scale farmers.

Selected Israeli companies will have the opportunity to:​

  • LEARN about the agricultural ecosystem in Ethiopia and in emerging markets

  • EXPLORE the specific market of small and medium-scale farmers

  • DESIGN your business models that are adjusted to the Ethiopian market

  • ENGAGE in dialogue with our trusted Ethiopia based counterparts who aspire to collaborate on technology implementation in their running projects

  • APPLY for a grant of $25K to initiate a partnership and pilot

Focus topics

  • Crop protection

  • Post harvest

  • Market linkages

Save your spot by applying until March 19th, 2024!

Company details
Area you are applying to
What is your product stage

Priority will be given to companies with commercialized products or ready to field trials. Companies without a working prototype will not be eligible. 

What is the scale of the company?
Do you have paying customers or active users?
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For videos, provide URL

Challenges and Product Information 
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Does your company have a patent or is a patent pending for your product or a component of your product?
How did you hear about the Innvation Journey in Ethiopia
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